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Whenever I get asked where I’m from, which is more often than I care to remember, I always hear an inner voice reminding me that I started my life in Spain as a stateless three-year-old girl. And I’m sure a lot of people ask me this question because they find it hard to believe that a […]

The Human Side of Taxation

Susana Bokobo Fiscalista Tax Expert

If we think about taxation at all, we tend to think about the basic services and infrastructure that wouldn’t exist if we didn’t pay our taxes. So, you might think that taxation is all about numbers, the most boring and lifeless part of economics. But it isn’t. It’s all about people. Think about it: Tax […]


Susana Bokobo Fiscalista Tax Expert

The F.A.I.R.N.E.S.S. method for solving (international) tax-related problems. We all want to be treated fairly, but for that to happen we need to step up and set a good example. In the area of taxation, this is even more important. The problem is thatoften we don’t know how to do it.  This is why I have developed a set of guiding principles which I call the F.A.I.R.N.E.S.S. method. This […]


Susana Bokobo Fiscalista Tax Expert

A year ago, I shared with you my 5 UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS I THINK WE NEED TO HEAR. After attending the 2021 Global Forum plenary meeting online, I am back with an updated version that reflects both some of your valuable and some of my more recent thoughts.                  […]