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A year ago, I shared with you my 5 UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS I THINK WE NEED TO HEAR. After attending the 2021 Global Forum plenary meeting online, I am back with an updated version that reflects both some of your valuable and some of my more recent thoughts.                                                                       
1. Taxes are more necessary than ever.                                                           
2. Good practices on how taxes are collected and spent, together with transparency and accountability, are essential for generating trust in the system. 

3. A robust and fair tax system is the bedrock of a flourishing country. A coherent tax policy-making process and sound tax policy choices are critical to the solidity of the tax system.

4. Corruption erodes people’s trust in the State and, if it is systemic, destroys a country. Good governance is the indispensable basis of any solution.

5. All stakeholders need to collaborate on every front and at every level to add value to the conversations and ensure effective actions. 

If we all face up to these uncomfortable truths and address the issues they present, we can start to make a real difference. 

Susana Bokobo

Susana Bokobo

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